Happy 2011

Yes its true. The New Year is upon us.

We’ve been busy working our slickstick magic and prepping for the launch of a whole new product line.  Like many of you we’re glad to have 2010 be a year that has passed and we are very excited to make 2011 a year of progress and excitement.

Stay tuned. There are a few things up our sleeves…we promise.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

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Summer Celebration

summer basket

Summer is officially here!

It is time to start preparing your picnics baskets, beach balls and fire up the old barbecue, to enjoying all that this wonderful season has to offer.

Here at SlickSticks we would like to contribute a bit more to your summer joy by bring to you some really cool savings.

Everyone knows that summer is the best time to spruce up the old homestead, so from June 22 to the 27th get 20% off our entire wall decal design selection. Just visit us at www.slicksticks.com and choose your favorite design, in your favorite color, make sure to type in summer20 in the box on the shopping cart page that asks for a discount code, and save 20% off of your entire purchase. What a better way to make a great summer even greater.

Pass the word around to your friends and family so that they also can take advantage of this special offer.

Have a very happy summer. We’ll  see you soon.


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Happy Kids

Hello everyone:

Today  we would like to present to you two very happy, and satisfied customers. Cameron (7 years old), and Sophia (5 years old), brother and sister from Santa Clarita, California, who after seeing our decals asked their mom to decorated their rooms with the “Yellow Gobbler” and the “Surf’s up” Design decal packs. Well, they liked their rooms so much after they had the decals put up, that they sent us two very nice thank you letters.


All of us at SlickSticks are very touched by their kind gesture, and also very impressed in their artistic abilities, who knows, we might just hire them to start designing for us very soon.

If you would like to send us photographs of the rooms you have decorated with our SlickSticks decals, or like Cameron and Sophia, your child would like to send us their artistic masterpieces nothing would please us more.We would also love to showcase your handy work right here in our blogg to help inspire others.

You can send your comments, photos, pictures, or your own inspired artistic design ideas to us via email at-   info@slicksticks.com   – We really appreciate your comments, and especially your praises, they sure help our morale. (Everyone needs to hear they are liked :) )


Ok everyone. Again, thank you very much for visiting, I hope you all have a great day.

Now go and stick something on the wall.


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Happy Mother’s day

What says “I love you mom” better than the gift of wall decals?

In celebration of Mother’s day this month we are offering a special promotion to all mothers, and mother lovers everywhere.

Happy mother's day ma

Until Monday May 10th save 15% off our entire selection of decal designs. Just type in-   mom15   -in the shopping cart area in the box that asks for a discount code, and enjoy 15% off your entire purchase. Whether you need a few decals or a whole bunch, take advantage of this special promotion that will only last until this weekend.

Thanks for your support everyone, and we hope you have a wonderful mother’s day . See you soon.

The SlickSticks staff and crew.

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Pirates have arrived.

Since the days of Black Beard people have been fascinated by the swashbuckling villains that plunder the seven seas in search of helpless sailing ships from which to steal gold, jewels and power. As a result pirates have always been very popular theme with  both kids and grown ups alike. Now a days pirates seem to be more popular than ever, you can see it by just taking a walk around any shopping center. You will find a great variety of pirate related merchandise including pirate theme wall decals.  But now, in spite of what you may have seen out there, SlickSticks is bringing you a Pirate’s decal set unlike any other.

Sure, anyone can have an old Jolly Roger flag, the image of a pirate ship, or a peg legged pirate with his corresponding parrot, but imagine a wall decals set that lets you create your very own “Pirate’s Treasure Map” on any wall of your home. That is exactly what our team of designers at SlickSticks has come up with.  And now it is here for every pirates loving fan to enjoy.


The package comes complete with detailed Pirate and British ships, ocean waves, and sea serpents, a really cool skull compass, it even comes with your own treasure island that includes the names of it’s dangerous, and treacherous locations, and of course a large X that marks the spot of the hidden buried treasure.  Just like a real map!

But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself and embark on a wonderful sea adventure… Find your own pirate treasure.

pirate's face

Until next time… Sail safe on the high waters. See you soon maties… ARRRRRGG.


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Easter Special Savings 15% off

Hello everyone!

In honor of the arrival of Spring, and  to celebrate  this coming Easter, this month we are offering a special discount to all our customers. From now until March 31st get 15% off your entire purchase!

Visit our site www.slicksticks.com and choose your favorite decal designs. After you have made your selection and proceed to the shopping cart, just type in  easter15 in the box that asks for a discount code, and get 15% off your entire purchase. Choose form any of our Design pack series, or Slim pack series, including our new “Easter Pack”. (click to see Easter pack)

NOTE: If you wish to receive your package before Easter day please place your order by Tuesday March 30th

Thanks for visiting our blog and for your loyal support. Keep visiting us for our latest updates, offers, and news.

Happy Easter and we hope to see you back here soon.

The SlickSticks Staff and crew.

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Happy Easter

Even though patches of snow may still be visible in our towns, and the fridged temperatures have not gone away just yet, some small changes have started to happen that indicate the arrival of that very anticipated season, Spring.

Yes, the 20th of this month we welcomed the arrival of Spring, and with it, the anticipation of nature blooming once more. It is the season of rebirth and life, when baby animals make their first appearance into this world surrounded by beatiful foliage, and colorful flowers that appear to have been painted by some heavenly artist. — No wonder we like Spring so much.

With that spirit in mind we would like to present to you our newest decal design especially for Easter lovers just like you.

Easter money shot

Make that wonderful holiday even more festive by decorating with your favorite fussy animals. Our Easter decal set comes complete with pink bunnies, light orange baby ducks, and adorable yellow chicks. Each comes accompanied by their own set of Easter eggs that can be combined with each other, or used separately. Please take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Click here to take you to our Easter design.

From everyone here at the SlickSticks Studios, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy and wonderful Easter this year.

Now go out there and stick something on the wall!


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Beware ye!… Pirates are coming.

Ahoy maties!

We have just received an urgent message that pirates have been sighted on the high sees and are heading your way.

By popular demand SlickSticks is very soon introducing the coolest pirate decal set you may have ever seen.

Keep checking in for future blog post for updates on when these awesome designs will arrive on shore. In the mean time, keep your eyes open, your muskets ready and loaded, and be with sword on hand.

Adventure Awaits!


PS- Just added…found some cool stuff as accents on selectbedding.com and noticed there’s a 20% off. They have a cool pirate comforter set which matches perfectly. I’ll add the pics in a new post.  Heres  the 20% off link…highly recommend em.

Pirates design

The new SlickSticks "Pirate's Treasure Map" set will come with all the decals you see here. (The elements are not all to scale to one another)

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Mixing different designs to create your own

If you haven’t already tried decorating with wall decals you would be surprised how fun and easy they really are to use. Wall decals save you time, and are a usually a much better alternative to using stencils or painting something free hand. But in spite of all the variety of decal designs and companies that exist these days, you might find yourself not satisfied with the choices you are provided with. An excellent alternative to this dilemma might just be to create your own decal collage. By mixing and matching different looks and shapes you are guarantied to create a look that is all your own.

But before you start panicking let me offer a couple of tips that may ease the daunting task of choosing the right designs, and colors for your particular project. Keep in mind that you will need to do a little bit of research on the Internet, looking for ideas and different designs, but even that can be a very fun experience as you start learning all the kinds of tools that are at your disposal.

Lets say you want some “animals” for your decoration but you feel that putting a lot of the same shapes up would be too repetitive and monotonous; well consider adding a bit of whimsy with some color “dots, or rings”, the addition of geometric shapes would be a very interesting contrast to the organic shapes of the animals. You can also find colors that complement each other and add that desired look you need. Bright, bold colors like red, yellow and blue, will instantly make any play area for your kids a cool place for them to hang out. Cooler colors, like more subtle blues and purples will create a sense of calm and tranquility; in contrast, yellows, reds, and oranges will energize the mood of any person that walks into that room. Earthy colors like dark and light browns and even a touch of beige will add elegance, and a touch of class to a room where grown ups would love to lounge in.

Animals rings and dots

Notice how much more playful the animal set becomes as soon as you add some rings and dots in the designs. The primary colors immediately gives you the sensation of Circus Animals, excellent for any kids play area.

Now that you have those color tips in mind, you can start thinking of the designs that might look good with each other. Take our “Wings” and “Birds” or even the “Captain Rocket” designs for instance, you can combine them with our “Clouds” designs with our larger packs for bigger projects, or the “Slim Pack” set for smaller areas, to enhance the feel that they are in flight.

Mix any geometric design with each other and you can create very interesting patterns. A “Dot” can be put inside an “Outlined Square”, of vise-versa; “Hexagons” can be combined with “Rings”, and so on and so forth. You can give any office space a very modern look by using a mixture of geometric shapes creatively. You can get great ideas by looking at architecture magazines, or by visiting websites that display modern furniture and design.

You can also use any of our “Dogs” designs and add some “Paws”. Combine some Rings with the “Ducks” design in yellow to make them feel like rubber duckies in soap bubbles. The “Fire Trucks” are excellent to pair up with the “Wheels” design; again, you can add some “Clouds” while you’re at it for the background to create a deeper sense of space. The design possibilities are endless, and that is just mixing between our SlickSticks designs, imagine what you could come up with other decal designs you may find somewhere else?

Vehicles and clouds

Here we combined the fire trucks, the wheels, and clouds to give a more complete feeling. We added some lines to give the sensation of roads and a horizon line, by doing so you also create the illusion of depth.

In essence what I’m trying to say her is to just have fun with this wonderful medium that is wall decals. Try things out and discover some of the possibilities that can be achieved with your imagination.

Now go out there and stick something on the wall!


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Great Ideas for Vinyl Wall Art

If you are the creative type that loves to decorate your home, then vinyl wall art might be a perfect option for you. Inexpensive and interchangeable, you can achieve any motif to fit your mood and taste. Additionally, you can integrate vinyl wall art with other decorations such as paintings and photographs. The ideas are endless, and it really is up to you!

For example, if you decorate your walls with black-and-white photos, you can layer square vinyl wall art underneath the frame for a layered effect. You can use blue squares, apply them to the wall and offset the frame for a staggering, creative effect.

Another great idea is to actually “frame” the picture with vinyl wall art. You can use a cut-out circle, apply it to the wall and place the picture in the center. This will really draw the observers’ eye to the photo. Flower vinyl wall art is a beautiful accent to frame any photo as well.

Take any of your favorite pictures of posters and frame them with a decal border.

Take any of your favorite pictures or posters and frame them with a decal border. We used the "Outlined Squares" design for the soda sign, and the "Rings" design for the picture of Rover.

You can also use vinyl wall decals to liven up any space between framed art and photos. Think of flower decals cascading down the wall in between two tropical-inspired paintings. Really the options are endless.

Decals are great for the middle of the wall as well or as borders. This is a very decorative method for your children’s room, and is less expensive and messy than paint and stencils. In fact, your children can assist you with the layout because vinyl wall art is so easy to use. Not only that, your children will feel like they had a say in how they decorated their room.

Vinyl wall art can be used on objects as well. Instead of decoupage techniques, you can save time and money by simply sticking a motif on an object. Decoupage is time consuming as you have to paint glue over the paper cut-out, let it dry and then sand it down. You must repeat the process many times to give it that “painted on look”.

These are just a few ideas for using vinyl wall art. Of course the options are endless, and really depend on what you want to create. Just know that there are a variety of colors and shapes to fit your every decorating need.

See you soon.


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