The month of October has arrived, bringing with it a subtle change in the atmosphere. The harsh grip of the summer’s sun seems to have finally loosened, allowing the first hints of fall to peak through. Children everywhere are starting to get excited at the idea of Halloween, and I can bet that most of them have already chosen what they what to dress up as on that very special, spooky night.


For many of us grown-ups, these changes mean only one thing….


It is quite normal that a sense of panic and dread may take over our minds and hearts at this realization. Just the thought of running around doing extra errands, having to buy and carve the pumpkins, getting the necessary candy, and of course, having to decorate, can really add to everything else that we already have on our plate.

Alright, relax… I’m sorry I had to mention all that, but it was for a good reason. I know that we tend to put aside the significance of a holiday like Halloween, and slowly, as we get older, we begin to think it is only a day for children.

I’m here to persuade you to accept the inevitable… The holidays will come whether we like it or not, so why not make an effort to see this season with the same eyes you did when you were ten years old? Take a mental vacation. Even though we might still have to go to work most of this month, we should pretend that we are ten years old again and embrace this day with gusto.

People are always saying that we have to be “young at heart”. This, they claim, will make us live longer, happier lives… I agree! Lets all of us “grown-ups” bring out our inner child for at least twice a year (don’t forget Christmas) and live this wondrous day, eating candy, playing harmless tricks, and enjoy life like we should.

Go out there and do some trick or treating!

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