How to Create A Halloween Costume With Decals

You may have seen decals placed on windows, mirrors, wood panels, and of course you have seen them used on walls. But using a decal on fabric? That is just nuts!… Or is?

This video is a perfect example of how versatile wall decals can be. In our typical fashion we have stepped out from the ordinary and have used this excellent decorative tool to transform a regular black T-shirt into a spare of the moment costume that you can wear to go trick or treating, or to your favorite Halloween party.

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Once you decide what decal to use for your project, place it on a flat sturdy surface ( like a table or counter top). With a credit card rub down all the areas of the decal to make sure the vinyl will lift up with the transparent plastic. Once you lift the transparent plastic “with the decal” from its paper backing, place it on the surface of the t-shirt. Make sure to clean the fabric off of any lint to insure that all the pieces of the decal will stick to the T-shirt.

Now, apply pressure with your fingers on all the areas of the decal so that it will adhere to the fabric, you can now remove transparent plastic.  Notice how we remove the plastic on the video, rolling it out right up against the table, if you lift the plastic straight up it may lift up some of the decal with it.

Use your other hand to make sure that all the pieces of the decal stay on the fabric as you remove the application tape. Use a rocking motion as you peal back the transparent plastic (see video). This will make it easier for the decal to stay on the fabric.

If you take the time to prepare your surface, rub down your decal before, and after you apply it to your shirt, and roll the transparent plastic as you remove it, as you see on the video, you can have a super cool T-shirt for any occasion in just a few minutes.

Please note: The decal will feel and act as an “iron on” but it is not meant to be used as a permanent feature. Remember to remove the decal from your shirt before throwing it on the washing machine, some of the pieces will come off and may get on the rest of your laundry. It won’t ruin anything, but it may be a bit of a pain in the neck.

As you can see, “Wall Decals” are not just for walls, the only limit they have is that of our imagination.

Happy October. May you have a great Halloween.

Hugo Soriano

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