Halloween Decorating Tips with Wall Decals

I bet that many people that hear about wall decals are a little hesitant about trying them out. Part of the reason could be that they may not quite understand how to remove them. In this video we hope that everyone will see how simple the removal of our decals actually is when you do it properly, and patiently.

We used a very bumpy wall on purpose to show that even on this type of surface, our  vinyl decals will stick extremely well. One of the beauties of this product, is that it is made of a flexible material, which transfers the details of the surface (wall),  making it look like a professional painted stencil job, without the paint. Isn’t that just awesome?

As you can see on the video, we used a regular knife with a point to lift one of the corners of the pumpkin decal. You can use anything really, a finger nail file,  tooth pick, a fork, or just about anything with a harder point that will allow you to lift a corner, sometime just your finger nail will do the trick.

Once you lift a corner of  the decal, take your time pealing it off to make sure that you don’t lift some of the paint with it. On walls that have been painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, the decal will be easier to remove than say, a mat finish, or “egg shell” paint. This type of paint is much more flaky, and paint chips may occur if the decals are not removed carefully. So be very gentle, and very very patient whenever removing your decals.

One helpful tip that can come in handy for anyone with walls that are more stubborn, is that of using a hair dryer to help loosen up the stickiness of the decal. Once you get a corner of the decal up and some of the sticky side exposed, apply the heat of the hair dryer as close to the decal as possible to begin the loosening process. As Mom always says, “patience is a virtue” so remember this #1 rule. It will save you alot of headache later and you won’t have to try patching up paint chips from your walls.

I hope you have enjoyed this wall decal demo, and hopefully you have the insentive to venture into the fabulous world of removable decal decoration.

Happy Halloween! And thanks for stopping by.

Hugo Soriano

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