Day lights savings time

Now that we are almost at the end of October it has become obvious to all, (Especially those living on the East coast) that fall has settled in for good.  This wonderful season of course brings with it many changes for this time of year.  We have seen how the colors of the leaves have turned into those beautiful hues of orange and yellow, the cooler breeze in the air keeps reminding us that winter is just around the corner, signaling also the start of the holiday season.

Yet, there is something else, something that many of us tend to forget in spite of all these reminders from nature. We may remember to take out the garbage, or to feed our cat, pick up the kids from school, but for some strange reason we seem to forget about “Day light savings time”. Twice a year we are put to the test by the powers that be, so as to test that specific part of our brain that is reserved for that one particular task, changing all time on all the clocks in our house.


As simple as it may seem, many of us struggle with this concept, perhaps we unconsciously rebel against this imposed annoyance, we fight against it by burring this memory so deep into our subconscious that it is difficult to bring it up to the surface of our mind, inevitably we have to relay on the news, our neighbors, and of course, our wives (lets face it guys we do tend to forget this more than our female counter parts.) to remember to do this.

I write this blog-post as yet another friendly reminder for all of us, hoping that it can encourage our minds to open the portals of our subconscious and allow our memory to spring forth this particular task, to allow us to remember that most important of duties, “Change the clocks this Saturday night”. Remember, “Spring forward, Fall backward”.

You know very well that Sunday we will be busy watching football or our favorite sport, or attending to our family and children, and before you know it we will be asleep in bed thinking all is ok, only to find out in the morning the horrible reality. Fortunately, if we forget at this time of the year to change our alarm clocks, the worse thing that can happen is that we come in to work one hour early, unlike Spring day light savings when most of us up set our bosses by showing up one hour late.

Happy daylight savings time.


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