Mixing different designs to create your own

If you haven’t already tried decorating with wall decals you would be surprised how fun and easy they really are to use. Wall decals save you time, and are a usually a much better alternative to using stencils or painting something free hand. But in spite of all the variety of decal designs and companies that exist these days, you might find yourself not satisfied with the choices you are provided with. An excellent alternative to this dilemma might just be to create your own decal collage. By mixing and matching different looks and shapes you are guarantied to create a look that is all your own.

But before you start panicking let me offer a couple of tips that may ease the daunting task of choosing the right designs, and colors for your particular project. Keep in mind that you will need to do a little bit of research on the Internet, looking for ideas and different designs, but even that can be a very fun experience as you start learning all the kinds of tools that are at your disposal.

Lets say you want some “animals” for your decoration but you feel that putting a lot of the same shapes up would be too repetitive and monotonous; well consider adding a bit of whimsy with some color “dots, or rings”, the addition of geometric shapes would be a very interesting contrast to the organic shapes of the animals. You can also find colors that complement each other and add that desired look you need. Bright, bold colors like red, yellow and blue, will instantly make any play area for your kids a cool place for them to hang out. Cooler colors, like more subtle blues and purples will create a sense of calm and tranquility; in contrast, yellows, reds, and oranges will energize the mood of any person that walks into that room. Earthy colors like dark and light browns and even a touch of beige will add elegance, and a touch of class to a room where grown ups would love to lounge in.

Animals rings and dots

Notice how much more playful the animal set becomes as soon as you add some rings and dots in the designs. The primary colors immediately gives you the sensation of Circus Animals, excellent for any kids play area.

Now that you have those color tips in mind, you can start thinking of the designs that might look good with each other. Take our “Wings” and “Birds” or even the “Captain Rocket” designs for instance, you can combine them with our “Clouds” designs with our larger packs for bigger projects, or the “Slim Pack” set for smaller areas, to enhance the feel that they are in flight.

Mix any geometric design with each other and you can create very interesting patterns. A “Dot” can be put inside an “Outlined Square”, of vise-versa; “Hexagons” can be combined with “Rings”, and so on and so forth. You can give any office space a very modern look by using a mixture of geometric shapes creatively. You can get great ideas by looking at architecture magazines, or by visiting websites that display modern furniture and design.

You can also use any of our “Dogs” designs and add some “Paws”. Combine some Rings with the “Ducks” design in yellow to make them feel like rubber duckies in soap bubbles. The “Fire Trucks” are excellent to pair up with the “Wheels” design; again, you can add some “Clouds” while you’re at it for the background to create a deeper sense of space. The design possibilities are endless, and that is just mixing between our SlickSticks designs, imagine what you could come up with other decal designs you may find somewhere else?

Vehicles and clouds

Here we combined the fire trucks, the wheels, and clouds to give a more complete feeling. We added some lines to give the sensation of roads and a horizon line, by doing so you also create the illusion of depth.

In essence what I’m trying to say her is to just have fun with this wonderful medium that is wall decals. Try things out and discover some of the possibilities that can be achieved with your imagination.

Now go out there and stick something on the wall!


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