Beware ye!… Pirates are coming.

Ahoy maties!

We have just received an urgent message that pirates have been sighted on the high sees and are heading your way.

By popular demand SlickSticks is very soon introducing the coolest pirate decal set you may have ever seen.

Keep checking in for future blog post for updates on when these awesome designs will arrive on shore. In the mean time, keep your eyes open, your muskets ready and loaded, and be with sword on hand.

Adventure Awaits!


PS- Just added…found some cool stuff as accents on and noticed there’s a 20% off. They have a cool pirate comforter set which matches perfectly. I’ll add the pics in a new post.  Heres  the 20% off link…highly recommend em.

Pirates design

The new SlickSticks "Pirate's Treasure Map" set will come with all the decals you see here. (The elements are not all to scale to one another)

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