Happy Easter

Even though patches of snow may still be visible in our towns, and the fridged temperatures have not gone away just yet, some small changes have started to happen that indicate the arrival of that very anticipated season, Spring.

Yes, the 20th of this month we welcomed the arrival of Spring, and with it, the anticipation of nature blooming once more. It is the season of rebirth and life, when baby animals make their first appearance into this world surrounded by beatiful foliage, and colorful flowers that appear to have been painted by some heavenly artist. — No wonder we like Spring so much.

With that spirit in mind we would like to present to you our newest decal design especially for Easter lovers just like you.

Easter money shot

Make that wonderful holiday even more festive by decorating with your favorite fussy animals. Our Easter decal set comes complete with pink bunnies, light orange baby ducks, and adorable yellow chicks. Each comes accompanied by their own set of Easter eggs that can be combined with each other, or used separately. Please take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Click here to take you to our Easter design.

From everyone here at the SlickSticks Studios, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy and wonderful Easter this year.

Now go out there and stick something on the wall!


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