Pirates have arrived.

Since the days of Black Beard people have been fascinated by the swashbuckling villains that plunder the seven seas in search of helpless sailing ships from which to steal gold, jewels and power. As a result pirates have always been very popular theme with  both kids and grown ups alike. Now a days pirates seem to be more popular than ever, you can see it by just taking a walk around any shopping center. You will find a great variety of pirate related merchandise including pirate theme wall decals.  But now, in spite of what you may have seen out there, SlickSticks is bringing you a Pirate’s decal set unlike any other.

Sure, anyone can have an old Jolly Roger flag, the image of a pirate ship, or a peg legged pirate with his corresponding parrot, but imagine a wall decals set that lets you create your very own “Pirate’s Treasure Map” on any wall of your home. That is exactly what our team of designers at SlickSticks has come up with.  And now it is here for every pirates loving fan to enjoy.


The package comes complete with detailed Pirate and British ships, ocean waves, and sea serpents, a really cool skull compass, it even comes with your own treasure island that includes the names of it’s dangerous, and treacherous locations, and of course a large X that marks the spot of the hidden buried treasure.  Just like a real map!

But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself and embark on a wonderful sea adventure… Find your own pirate treasure.

pirate's face

Until next time… Sail safe on the high waters. See you soon maties… ARRRRRGG.


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