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Happy 2011

Yes its true. The New Year is upon us.
We’ve been busy working our slickstick magic and prepping for the launch of a whole new product line.  Like many of you we’re glad to have 2010 be a year that has passed and we are very excited to make 2011 a year of progress and excitement.
Stay [...]

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Summer Celebration

Summer is officially here!
It is time to start preparing your picnics baskets, beach balls and fire up the old barbecue, to enjoying all that this wonderful season has to offer.
Here at SlickSticks we would like to contribute a bit more to your summer joy by bring to you some really cool savings.
Everyone knows that summer [...]

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Happy Kids

Hello everyone:
Today  we would like to present to you two very happy, and satisfied customers. Cameron (7 years old), and Sophia (5 years old), brother and sister from Santa Clarita, California, who after seeing our decals asked their mom to decorated their rooms with the “Yellow Gobbler” and the “Surf’s up” Design decal packs. Well, [...]

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Happy Mother’s day

What says “I love you mom” better than the gift of wall decals?
In celebration of Mother’s day this month we are offering a special promotion to all mothers, and mother lovers everywhere.

Until Monday May 10th save 15% off our entire selection of decal designs. Just type in-   mom15   -in the shopping cart area [...]

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Pirates have arrived.

Since the days of Black Beard people have been fascinated by the swashbuckling villains that plunder the seven seas in search of helpless sailing ships from which to steal gold, jewels and power. As a result pirates have always been very popular theme with  both kids and grown ups alike. Now a days pirates seem [...]

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Easter Special Savings 15% off

Hello everyone!
In honor of the arrival of Spring, and  to celebrate  this coming Easter, this month we are offering a special discount to all our customers. From now until March 31st get 15% off your entire purchase!
Visit our site and choose your favorite decal designs. After you have made your selection and proceed to [...]

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Happy Easter

Even though patches of snow may still be visible in our towns, and the fridged temperatures have not gone away just yet, some small changes have started to happen that indicate the arrival of that very anticipated season, Spring.
Yes, the 20th of this month we welcomed the arrival of Spring, and with it, the anticipation [...]

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Beware ye!… Pirates are coming.

Ahoy maties!
We have just received an urgent message that pirates have been sighted on the high sees and are heading your way.
By popular demand SlickSticks is very soon introducing the coolest pirate decal set you may have ever seen.
Keep checking in for future blog post for updates on when these awesome designs will arrive on [...]

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Mixing different designs to create your own

If you haven’t already tried decorating with wall decals you would be surprised how fun and easy they really are to use. Wall decals save you time, and are a usually a much better alternative to using stencils or painting something free hand. But in spite of all the variety of decal designs and companies [...]

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Great Ideas for Vinyl Wall Art

If you are the creative type that loves to decorate your home, then vinyl wall art might be a perfect option for you. Inexpensive and interchangeable, you can achieve any motif to fit your mood and taste. Additionally, you can integrate vinyl wall art with other decorations such as paintings and photographs. [...]

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