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Dolphin designs are here!

It is well known that most of us would find it really cool to actually own a dolphins or two. Dolphins are some of the smartest animals on the planet, they are very helpful, great with kids, and look super awesome when they jump out of the water, and especially when they show off  by [...]

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Happy Cyber Monday

Hello everyone. I hope that your Thanksgiving day was full of much joy, food, fun and more food. We’ll, at the very least I hope that you were able to make it in one piece after visiting with relatives.

In honor of this great new tradition of Cyber Monday we have decided to continue with our [...]

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Special

Now the entire slickstick-able landscape has something to be truly thankful for!. Just in time for the biggest shopping day of the year  (It is pure coincidence you can be sure of it ) SlickSticks is offering  super savings on their entire  wall decal design collection.
Starting today Wed Nov. 25th, Thanksgiving day November [...]

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Happy Campers

We would like to congratulate our very own Jonathan, in our sales department, and Tammy in packaging, for being the winners of our very coveted bi-monthly prize of a SUPER SIZED SNICKERS CANDY BAR.
As much fun as we have making wall decals, we wanted to make our work here a bit “sweeter” and have recently [...]

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Halloween Decorating Tips with Wall Decals

I bet that many people that hear about wall decals are a little hesitant about trying them out. Part of the reason could be that they may not quite understand how to remove them. In this video we hope that everyone will see how simple the removal of our decals actually is when you do [...]

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How to Create A Halloween Costume With Decals

You may have seen decals placed on windows, mirrors, wood panels, and of course you have seen them used on walls. But using a decal on fabric? That is just nuts!… Or is?
This video is a perfect example of how versatile wall decals can be. In our typical fashion we have stepped out from the [...]

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It's Almost Halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of the year, I can hardly wait. Not sure what I will be, I haven’t chosen my costume yet. I’m sure the gang here at will throw a nice little Halloween party to celebrate. What will you be for Halloween? Send in your comments.

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SlickSticks has a colorful past to say the least! We have a long tradition of trying our hand (and our luck) in many different endeavors. From hard luck to just downright misfortune and finally on to success, we have trial and error down to a science! Our founders had quite the experience on their way [...]

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Launching the Blog Giveaway!

Scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours! Here’s your chance to get cool wall graphics from, FREE!
Slicksticks has a great opportunity for anyone that twitters or blogs! Everyone who participates gets something…and is entered to win one of 4 “grand prizes.”
You can choose any 1 of the 3 ways below to get one free [...]

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