Dolphin designs are here!

It is well known that most of us would find it really cool to actually own a dolphins or two. Dolphins are some of the smartest animals on the planet, they are very helpful, great with kids, and look super awesome when they jump out of the water, and especially when they show off  by doing that aquatic moon walk they do.


So, knowing full well that you would love to take home a dolphin to your kids, or for yourself, here at SlickSticks we have been working hard to make that dream a reality, better yet, not only can you bring a dolphin home but an entire family of them to your house.  Yes, you guest it, our much anticipated “Dolphins” vinyl wall decals are here! And to celebrate this glorious occasion we are having a special limited time promotion.

From Saturday, December 5th until Monday, December 7th, get 20% off any “Dolphin design pack” in your favorite color. Once you have selected your desired pack and color, just type in dolphin20 in the area of the shopping cart that asks for a “discount code” and get 20%off your Dolphins decals purchase. Enjoy the savings on this well liked design to decorate your home, or to get as a present for that spacial “marine mammal” lover that you know.

Hoping that your December is coming along very well.

See you soon.


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Happy Cyber Monday

Hello everyone. I hope that your Thanksgiving day was full of much joy, food, fun and more food. We’ll, at the very least I hope that you were able to make it in one piece after visiting with relatives.


In honor of this great new tradition of Cyber Monday we have decided to continue with our super saving of %40 0ff any of our wall decal designs. All day today, until midnight enjoy %40 off by typing in  40monday Once you have selected your favorite wall decal design, look for the box in the shopping cart that ask you for a discount code. Type in 40monday and get a cool %40 off of your purchase.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope that you keep visiting us, we will be offering  many more great Holiday promotions through out the month, and also come back to keep up with our company updates.

Happy Cyber Monday.


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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Special

Now the entire slickstick-able landscape has something to be truly thankful for!. Just in time for the biggest shopping day of the year  (It is pure coincidence you can be sure of it ;) ) SlickSticks is offering  super savings on their entire  wall decal design collection.

Starting today Wed Nov. 25th, Thanksgiving day November 26th, all the way through end of day Friday November 27th enjoy a full 40% off any of our wall decal designs.

Yup it’s true 40% off any of our wall decals no limit. Pick from some of our most popular designs like Yellow Gobbler, Animal Parade, Dots, Outlined Squares, Splats, and many more, and save a bundle.


Just visit our website and type in thanks40 in the area where it asks for a discount code in the shopping cart page. Take advantage of this fabulous savings to purchase some decals for your home, or as a gift for someone special for the holidays.

Feel free to share this with your friends…offer ends soon. Hurry!

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Happy Campers

We would like to congratulate our very own Jonathan, in our sales department, and Tammy in packaging, for being the winners of our very coveted bi-monthly prize of a SUPER SIZED SNICKERS CANDY BAR.


snickers jumbo candy bar

snickers jumbo candy bar...peanutty....yummy


As much fun as we have making wall decals, we wanted to make our work here a bit “sweeter” and have recently started what we hope will become an honorable tradition amongst the SlickSticks staff. The idea is to see who will be able to predict which one of our 40 wall decal designs will be the best seller for the period of 2 weeks. Of course that means candy bars twice a month. MMMMM.

Jonathan, and Tammy are the lucky winners this time around by choosing the “Animal Parade” design beating the “Dots” which have had the number one place for a month and a half. But fortunately for those of us who lost, our fellow winning co-workers are usually generous enough to share the spoils of their victory with whoever gets to them first.

If you would like to send in you comments about our wall decal designs, our web page or the articles you see in our blog, or if you have ideas for our design team, and helpful tips that you would like to share with others please write to us, we would love to hear form you.

Ok, I have to go. I have to make a move right now if I want to get a piece of that chocolate bar.

See you soon.


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Day lights savings time

Now that we are almost at the end of October it has become obvious to all, (Especially those living on the East coast) that fall has settled in for good.  This wonderful season of course brings with it many changes for this time of year.  We have seen how the colors of the leaves have turned into those beautiful hues of orange and yellow, the cooler breeze in the air keeps reminding us that winter is just around the corner, signaling also the start of the holiday season.

Yet, there is something else, something that many of us tend to forget in spite of all these reminders from nature. We may remember to take out the garbage, or to feed our cat, pick up the kids from school, but for some strange reason we seem to forget about “Day light savings time”. Twice a year we are put to the test by the powers that be, so as to test that specific part of our brain that is reserved for that one particular task, changing all time on all the clocks in our house.


As simple as it may seem, many of us struggle with this concept, perhaps we unconsciously rebel against this imposed annoyance, we fight against it by burring this memory so deep into our subconscious that it is difficult to bring it up to the surface of our mind, inevitably we have to relay on the news, our neighbors, and of course, our wives (lets face it guys we do tend to forget this more than our female counter parts.) to remember to do this.

I write this blog-post as yet another friendly reminder for all of us, hoping that it can encourage our minds to open the portals of our subconscious and allow our memory to spring forth this particular task, to allow us to remember that most important of duties, “Change the clocks this Saturday night”. Remember, “Spring forward, Fall backward”.

You know very well that Sunday we will be busy watching football or our favorite sport, or attending to our family and children, and before you know it we will be asleep in bed thinking all is ok, only to find out in the morning the horrible reality. Fortunately, if we forget at this time of the year to change our alarm clocks, the worse thing that can happen is that we come in to work one hour early, unlike Spring day light savings when most of us up set our bosses by showing up one hour late.

Happy daylight savings time.


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Halloween Decorating Tips with Wall Decals

I bet that many people that hear about wall decals are a little hesitant about trying them out. Part of the reason could be that they may not quite understand how to remove them. In this video we hope that everyone will see how simple the removal of our decals actually is when you do it properly, and patiently.

We used a very bumpy wall on purpose to show that even on this type of surface, our  vinyl decals will stick extremely well. One of the beauties of this product, is that it is made of a flexible material, which transfers the details of the surface (wall),  making it look like a professional painted stencil job, without the paint. Isn’t that just awesome?

As you can see on the video, we used a regular knife with a point to lift one of the corners of the pumpkin decal. You can use anything really, a finger nail file,  tooth pick, a fork, or just about anything with a harder point that will allow you to lift a corner, sometime just your finger nail will do the trick.

Once you lift a corner of  the decal, take your time pealing it off to make sure that you don’t lift some of the paint with it. On walls that have been painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, the decal will be easier to remove than say, a mat finish, or “egg shell” paint. This type of paint is much more flaky, and paint chips may occur if the decals are not removed carefully. So be very gentle, and very very patient whenever removing your decals.

One helpful tip that can come in handy for anyone with walls that are more stubborn, is that of using a hair dryer to help loosen up the stickiness of the decal. Once you get a corner of the decal up and some of the sticky side exposed, apply the heat of the hair dryer as close to the decal as possible to begin the loosening process. As Mom always says, “patience is a virtue” so remember this #1 rule. It will save you alot of headache later and you won’t have to try patching up paint chips from your walls.

I hope you have enjoyed this wall decal demo, and hopefully you have the insentive to venture into the fabulous world of removable decal decoration.

Happy Halloween! And thanks for stopping by.

Hugo Soriano

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How to Create A Halloween Costume With Decals

You may have seen decals placed on windows, mirrors, wood panels, and of course you have seen them used on walls. But using a decal on fabric? That is just nuts!… Or is?

This video is a perfect example of how versatile wall decals can be. In our typical fashion we have stepped out from the ordinary and have used this excellent decorative tool to transform a regular black T-shirt into a spare of the moment costume that you can wear to go trick or treating, or to your favorite Halloween party.

What's a SlickStick picture

Once you decide what decal to use for your project, place it on a flat sturdy surface ( like a table or counter top). With a credit card rub down all the areas of the decal to make sure the vinyl will lift up with the transparent plastic. Once you lift the transparent plastic “with the decal” from its paper backing, place it on the surface of the t-shirt. Make sure to clean the fabric off of any lint to insure that all the pieces of the decal will stick to the T-shirt.

Now, apply pressure with your fingers on all the areas of the decal so that it will adhere to the fabric, you can now remove transparent plastic.  Notice how we remove the plastic on the video, rolling it out right up against the table, if you lift the plastic straight up it may lift up some of the decal with it.

Use your other hand to make sure that all the pieces of the decal stay on the fabric as you remove the application tape. Use a rocking motion as you peal back the transparent plastic (see video). This will make it easier for the decal to stay on the fabric.

If you take the time to prepare your surface, rub down your decal before, and after you apply it to your shirt, and roll the transparent plastic as you remove it, as you see on the video, you can have a super cool T-shirt for any occasion in just a few minutes.

Please note: The decal will feel and act as an “iron on” but it is not meant to be used as a permanent feature. Remember to remove the decal from your shirt before throwing it on the washing machine, some of the pieces will come off and may get on the rest of your laundry. It won’t ruin anything, but it may be a bit of a pain in the neck.

As you can see, “Wall Decals” are not just for walls, the only limit they have is that of our imagination.

Happy October. May you have a great Halloween.

Hugo Soriano

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The month of October has arrived, bringing with it a subtle change in the atmosphere. The harsh grip of the summer’s sun seems to have finally loosened, allowing the first hints of fall to peak through. Children everywhere are starting to get excited at the idea of Halloween, and I can bet that most of them have already chosen what they what to dress up as on that very special, spooky night.


For many of us grown-ups, these changes mean only one thing….


It is quite normal that a sense of panic and dread may take over our minds and hearts at this realization. Just the thought of running around doing extra errands, having to buy and carve the pumpkins, getting the necessary candy, and of course, having to decorate, can really add to everything else that we already have on our plate.

Alright, relax… I’m sorry I had to mention all that, but it was for a good reason. I know that we tend to put aside the significance of a holiday like Halloween, and slowly, as we get older, we begin to think it is only a day for children.

I’m here to persuade you to accept the inevitable… The holidays will come whether we like it or not, so why not make an effort to see this season with the same eyes you did when you were ten years old? Take a mental vacation. Even though we might still have to go to work most of this month, we should pretend that we are ten years old again and embrace this day with gusto.

People are always saying that we have to be “young at heart”. This, they claim, will make us live longer, happier lives… I agree! Lets all of us “grown-ups” bring out our inner child for at least twice a year (don’t forget Christmas) and live this wondrous day, eating candy, playing harmless tricks, and enjoy life like we should.

Go out there and do some trick or treating!

Happy Halloween from SlickSticks.
Halloween Decals
Hugo Soriano

Get Ready for Halloween With Halloween Decals From Slick Sticks

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It's Almost Halloween

halloweenHalloween is my favorite time of the year, I can hardly wait. Not sure what I will be, I haven’t chosen my costume yet. I’m sure the gang here at will throw a nice little Halloween party to celebrate. What will you be for Halloween? Send in your comments.

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SlickSticks has a colorful past to say the least! We have a long tradition of trying our hand (and our luck) in many different endeavors. From hard luck to just downright misfortune and finally on to success, we have trial and error down to a science! Our founders had quite the experience on their way to creating the best removable wall decals you’ve ever seen! Here’s a bit of information about the geniuses behind the magic;


Cornelius Slick was quite the character. He had a tremendous drive to succeed, unfortunately, he also had more than his share of unusual experiences along the way. Born in 1898 in Baltimore, Slick was both an entrepreneur and a self proclaimed “master salesman”. This statement is up for debate. Cornelius always seemed to have a revolutionary idea. Among his inventions were the five sided wheel, dehydrated water and the book on how to read.


Cornelius Slick with a chair

After investing everything he owned in dehydrated water, Cornelius only made one sale, to a man named Beauford Stickman. The product failed to sell and both were financially ruined. Cornelius decided to head west and seek his fortune in California.

Slick's Dehydrated Water

Slick's Dehydrated Water

Cornelius’s path took him to some unfamiliar places and some even more unusual circumstances.

In 1923, Cornelius was forced to work for a logging company. By coincidence, Beauford Stickman had also taken employment there. Slick is credited with the creation of the blade less axe. Both were subsequently fired for general incompetence, but for differing reasons.


Slick's Blade-less Axes

In 1924, Slick, continuing to move west, took a job with the railroad. He was charged with supplying the miners in the tunnels. He invented the double-wick candle which gave off double the light but burned out in half the time. This also presented a problem due to the fact that Cornelius suffered from extreme flatulence. With double the flame exposure, Slick himself could not be very close to one of his candles because of the explosive hazard he posed. He was terminated for gross idiocy.

Slick's Double Wick Candle

Slick's Double Wick Candle


Beauford Stickman, born in 1900 in Little Rock, AK was a simple man that had a dream to be somebody. He had been picked on his entire childhood because he never wore shoes. At the age of 16, Stickman made his way north working odd jobs and collecting a small amount of money. In 1922, Stickman met Cornelius Slick and entered into a business venture with him which failed miserably.


Beauford Stickman (right) with brother Cleatus

After losing everything he had, Stickman decided to move west. This decision was made independently from Cornelius Slick. Cornelius, ironically, wound up working in the same logging camp where Beauford was fired for accidentally setting the forest on fire with a cigarette.


The aftermath of the infamous "Stickman Cigarette Firestorm"

After the carnage in the forest, Beauford Stickman continued on west. He encountered various obstacles and challenges.

In early 1924, Stickman joined a cattle drive as the cook. A mysterious case of botulism broke out and killed all but 2 members.

Cowboy suffering from botulism

Cowboy suffering from botulism

In late 1924, Beauford was able to join a wagon train headed through the Sierra Mountain range. The winter was horrible and they soon ran out of food and were forced to eat their own dead. Coincidentally, Cornelius had found his way onto this same wagon train. It was rumored that Beauford could cook buttocks so well that Cornelius came out of the mountains 10 pounds heavier than when he went in.

slick feast

Artist's depiction of the 1924 "Sierra Culinary Event"

When winter ended and the party finally made it to California, Slick and Stickman once again parted ways. Slick began again with various business prospects, with limited to no success. He began raising livestock and was able to scrape together a living. He came up with the idea to not only use the animals for meat, but to also create adhesives from the unusable parts. He wound up with barrels and barrels of high grade adhesive but absolutely no use for it.

Slick's adhesive storage

Slick's adhesive storage

He generated enough income from his meat business to purchase a modest fixer-upper. He did most of the structural repairs himself but was unable to coordinate the interior.

Stickman was an altogether different story. He began to hit the local saloons. And he hit them hard. It is said that he would order a bottle of whiskey and then begin to critique the interior design of the watering holes. Because of this odd behavior, Stickman was the subject of much ridicule and was publicly humiliated numerous times. He suffered many brutal beatings, but his love for interior design could not be extinguished. On one occasion when Beauford had had more than enough to drink the bartender told him he should go into business as an interior decorator, and so he did. He posted an add in the paper the very next day.

Beauford Stickman’s first customer, ironically, was Cornelius Slick. Slick was so mesmerized with Stickman’s flair and eye for decorating that he knew these two must once again form a partnership.

Slick knew the lines he wanted to travel along. The two set forth creating designs from animal hides (which were produced from Slick’s livestock) and made them available in different sizes and shapes. The original SlickSticks were held up with nails which had a tendency to rust and cause tetanus.

Original Cowhide Slickstick

Original Cowhide Slickstick

Original Slickstick "Adhesive"

Original Slickstick "Adhesive"

Then it hit Slick- The two entrepreneurs  would use the surplus of adhesive he had stockpiled! The adhesive proved to be wonderful for the task, it was easily applied and removable. The duo expanded their designs to include cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin and horsehide (not the most popular). As time went by, the sales took off. The two began experimenting with other mediums and no longer used animal hides. They attempted to use woods, metals, glass (which didn’t agree with the original adhesive) and canvases made of a blend of dried grasses and cattle manure (which was not a big hit for indoor applications).

It is obvious that these two were destined for each other. It took A LOT of trial and error, but they finally got it right. Their legacy lives on today with the SlickSticks brand.

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